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      Forza Performance Group is fully responsible for the alloy quality, paint technology, and wheel compatibility with your vehicle.

      We guarantee that with proper use the wheel will not change its consumer properties and technical parameters: the appearance will not change, there will be no defects in the form of cracks, chips or metal shavings, and there will be no partial or complete destruction of the wheel.

      The warranty includes the following defects in use during use:

      • violation of the geometry of the central inserts, as a result of which their installation is impossible;
      • cracks;
      • metal painting;
      • partial or complete destruction of the wheel.



      A mandatory confirmation of the warranty case is a photo or a video of the factory defect or a damage to the wheel.


      • Poorly balanced wheels: shoot a video with the tireless wheel on a balancing stand.
      • Wheels damaged by the shipping company: file a relevant report/claim with the shipping company, take pictures of the damage.

      In return, we will send all sets of wheels in a box, where each wheel is carefully checked before shipping. We always monitor the quality of the packaging.

      Send us a photo and video confirmation with your order number and wheel model by email sales@forzaaa.com. Therefore, we will promptly process your request and respond as soon as possible.

      There is no guarantee for: 

      • any mechanical damage, including those resulting from a collision with an obstacle or in an emergency;
      • damage to the paintwork as a result of mechanical stress;
      • damage caused by changing wheels;
      • damage caused by the use of unsuitable fasteners;
      • exposure to open fire;
      • exposure to aggressive chemical elements (acids, alkalis, etc.);
      • damage to paintwork due to improper storage;
      • damage to the wheel or its cover when boring or installing on a car;
      • damage to the paintwork due to the effect of winter anti-icing agents on the wheel.
      • we can always bring to order exactly the same wheels that were purchased from us earlier, in any required quantity.


      Every forged wheel of Forza Performance Group is a guarantee of quality and safety.