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      Design, Engineering, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) & Programming.

      Design is the most important aspect of Forza Performance Wheels. Combining lightweight and high strength, we produce wheels with outstanding designs. But with wheels, you can't sacrifice everything for design. First, the wheel and tire must clean the fender arch of the vehicle on which it is installed, and the wheel must also provide sufficient clearance for the brake calipers

       Each car makes and model has different dimensions and clearances, as well as different overall aesthetics. Using our extensive measurement process, Forza forged wheels are optimized specifically for each vehicle, maximizing concavity and improving the overall fit.

      Wheel Forza goes through a rigorous design and development process; This ensures a precise end product that covers all the dynamic needs of our customers' vehicles while ensuring their tastes from finish and configuration to packaging. Every Forza forged wheel design is physically tested to SAE, JWL, VIA, and TUV standards. Using finite element analysis (FEA) software, each wheel is tested for vehicle-specific steering, radial, and shock loads.

      диcки rusch                                 RUSCH Forged Wheels

       After the design, each CAD model of each wheel is programmed for processing using a computer program (CAM). The program, or G-Code, is designed using CAM to guide the paths of each machine while ensuring that the final wheel exactly matches the intended CAD model.


      Wheel forgings and machining process.

      Quality materials are the basis for a quality result. Wheel forgings we use for the product
      Forza forged wheels are manufactured in a high-tech fully automated IATF16949 and ISO9001 factory with an ultrasonic material detector line and 3 presses with a maximum pressure of 12,000 tons.

      After pressing, the forgings are subjected to T6 heat treatment to create a high-strength multidirectional grain structure. The aluminum remains solid throughout the entire process as the die pushes the aluminum towards the cylindrical shape of the wheel. The result is a higher power.

      Кованые диски                                 

      6061-T6 aluminum forgings ensure high quality forged wheel. The result is a superior foundation that guarantees durability and a reliable, high-performance product that meets our team's highest standards.



      CNC Machining

      At this stage of production, the forged blank is gradually transformed into a forged wheel with a developed design. Forza Wheels has 11 CNC machines for the production of forged wheels. Lathes are used to achieve high concentricity of cylindrical workpiece, milling machines with high rigidity and spindle speed provide a smoother surface.
      The use of high quality CNC machines enables us to achieve the highest tolerances while minimizing defects on the surface of the forgings.


      Once the face design is complete, the wheel is rotated 180 degrees for additional milling. The lightening pockets are milled into the rear wheel pad while minimizing weight if possible by milling the rear wheel pockets.



      After milling and hand prep.

      Each piece of shredded aluminum billet goes through many stages of deburring, hand-feeding, polishing, and polishing before it is ready for coating. The toolbox enables our craftsmen to hem and sculpt each profile flawlessly, each edge receiving the attention of several hands before it is prepared for the final coating.



      Finishing process.

      Our team uses a combination of liquid paint and powder coating processes. Finishing is the final process that determines the appearance of the wheel. Forza forged wheels go through a coating process in several stages: powder coating + baking + paint coating + baking + powder coating + baking. A total of 3 and 3 layer coating processes. Attention to detail is what sets Forza wheels apart.

      We always strive for perfect color choices and only select the highest quality powder coatings and paints to offer our customers a superior product.

      Precision requires consistency and consistency requires control, which is why the Forza team carefully checks each wheel at every step of the process. Forza specialists check each wheel for accuracy before moving on to the next step.

      The QC team validates every critical measurement according to a detailed engineering diagram. The beating, the measurement of the roundness of the spinning wheel, is most important. Forza forged wheels have been tested for runout tolerance.



      Quality control.

      Accuracy requires consistency, and consistency requires control, which is why the Forza team carefully checks each disc at every stage of the manufacturing process.

      The QC team checks and validates every measurement by the international quality standards SAE-J and JWL.