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      We are a group of companies that manufactures forged wheels, body kits, carbon fiber, exhaust systems for the High-End Cars , Sports Cars, Luxury Cars. Our team is always ready to help you with the choice of wheels and forged wheel parameters. We have extensive experience in shipping all over the world. Our team is united by a great passion for cars, so you can always find all the freshest and newest in the world of auto-tuning.


      Do you know a secret of a beautiful car? At FORZA PERFORMANCE, you, your vehicle and, above all, your customer requirements are in the foreground. Years of know-how, experience and right tools will turn a main-stream vehicle into your personalized car. We are perfectly versed in the products we manufacture and sell.

      Our crucial values:

      • Individual advice and adaptation to your vehicle
      • Quality components with guarantee
      • Installation and preparation by professionals



      FORZA PERFROMANCE group has offices in China. We manufacture new models of luxury cars tuning weekly and have our own patterns and molds for body kits producing. Our professionals create absolutely any forged wheel design from sketch.

      Optical tuning with tailor or individually made body kits are a specialty of FORZE PERFORMANCE. Quality that you see and that convinces.

      We are creating products of dry carbon fiber items to perfectly suit any style. Parts in production include carbon body kits, front lips, side skirts, engine hoods, mirror covers, steering wheels, headlights, floor mats and much more.

      An individual vehicle wheel not only enhances your car visually, but is a right measure that decides the perfect look. Forged wheel is available any colour and design. All our designs are full tested.

      The right sound makes the whole journey. No matter whether the engine’s deep or garish sound - everything is possible with our support with up to 5 years guarantee and certificate.

      We offer exhaust systems parts are included downpipes catless or with cats, valve-tronic for loud and quiet operation, exhaust tips, headers, heat shields, midpipes, mufflers, and much more.


      forged wheels rims

           We offer a premium quality product and do it for the consumer who can appreciate the servicefunctionalityand quality of the product

      Every vehicle manufacturer has different repair instructions. Not every tool fits different cars. FORZA PERFROMANCE therefore not only invests in further training measures for its employees, but also in the latest technologies. With us, you always drive better!


      Company Add: No. 845 xingnan road Nancun Town Panyu district
      Guangzhou city Guangdong province, Guangzhou,China.
      Email: sales@forzaaa.com