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      The client may purchase the goods by paying with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club), PayPal (online banking payment) or by immediate bank transfer and

      You can also pay  forged wheels, body-kits, carbon fiber parts , exhaust systems for the High-End Cars , Sports Cars, Luxury Cars with cryptocurrency

      Buy Products From Forza Performance Group with Bitcoins

      Customers who hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin on their accounts,will be able to use them to pay for goods on our website
      Paying with Bitcoin (Bitcoin, Bitcoin), a cryptocurrency with the highest potential, in online stores is not only convenient, but also safe

      How Bitcoin works

      Let's look at an example. You open a Bitcoin wallet, which is essentially the same electronic wallet, a storage of electronic currency. To receive a certain amount of BTC for it, you need to send the address generated by the wallet to the person who is ready to fund your account.

      The initiated transaction is confirmed by this person and enters the blockchain (blockchain). All operations in the system are protected by cryptographic encryption, so the level of security is incredibly high. Transaction data is stored in a distributed database, to put it simply, on the computers of all blockchain participants. Hackers cannot break into the system or change data, since the total power of computers in the system exceeds the capabilities of attackers.

      It takes about 10 minutes to process a transaction in the blockchain, the time depends on the commission (reward to participants) that the sender chooses.

      Benefits of accepting payments in cryptocurrency

      The benefits for sellers are roughly the same as for buyers:
      • Anonymity;
      • Security;
      • No failures in work;
      • Speed of transactions;
      • Commission is imposed on buyers.
      Since Bitcoin is not controlled either at the state or at the international level, it is possible to organize the work of not entirely legal Internet sites and get a lot of money for this.

      Payment security

      The security of payments is guaranteed by decentralization: each block in the system is protected by encryption, the database is distributed among the participants of the blockchain. You cannot join the chain, cancel the operation, or assign a different address.
      The future of the means of payment
      Bitcoin is becoming more popular every year. The advantages of this means of payment are much greater than that of fiat, both in terms of anonymity and in terms of security. Therefore, the prospects can be called encouraging.