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      Forza Performance Group also specializes in custom forged wheels. A photo or a sketch is enough for Forza's engineers to create a full-fledged model and make a set of forged wheels of the highest quality custom-made specifically for your car. Today the technical capabilities of Forza make it possible to create forged wheels of almost any complexity. Each set of Forza forged wheels can be designed in a single copy according to the client's sketch.

      Process of creating forged wheels for individual orders

      • Send the picture of forged wheel design you want.
      Mansory forged wheels
      • We make 3D Model . The forged wheel model is built by our designer, and then we convert the wheel model to a solid. 



      • Production of forged wheels from 6061 aluminum alloy and subsequent milling.


      forged rim

      • During the design and subsequent production we carry out a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) : chemical analysis and verification of the mechanical characteristics of the material; torsional bending, rolling test; impact test, corrosion test. In this calculation, the values show that the disc passes in strength. This means we can safely send the model for manufacturing.


      • The finished forged wheels are packed in a sturdy box and sent to the customer.